Advent of Coins

Long before coins became a form of exchange, gold and silver were used for trade across the ancient world.  Without any standardized units of measure, these precious metals had to be weighed at the time of each transaction.  This cumbersome process of verification led to the advent of coinage backed by a governing authority.  It is generally understood that the first coins in the west were minted in the kingdom of Lydia, which is in present-day Turkey, in the 7th century B.C.E.  Persia and ancient Greek city states soon began using coins for commerce.  This Greek Arrowhead coin is one of the oldest examples in the D’Argenio Collection of Coins and Antiquities.   







 Greek Arrowhead coin                        Bronze                                               6th to 5th century B.C.E.                 2015.16.0028                                       Gift of Ron D’Argenio