Juana Inés de la Cruz


Born in 1651 (or 1648, birth records differentiate) in San Miguel Nepantla, Mexico. She was a highly intelligent child and consider a prodigy, and showed from a young age an attraction to scholarship and a preference not to marry. By 1667 she chose to be a nun, and briefly stayed with a Carmelite order before settling with the order of Hieronymite nuns in Mexico City. Her writing covered everything from secular love poetry to scholarly works, to plays of any time of genre. She is credited as the first published feminist of the new world, her writings supporting women’s rights and defending her own right to study a wide variety of topics. She retired from her writing career in 1694, selling her library to benefit the poor. She passed while helping her fellow nuns through plague in 1695.

Portrait of Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz

The Sister seated at her writing desk, in her Hieronymite habit

Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz's grave

Her grave at Plaza of Spain in Ferraz street in Madrid.

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