The Region

Ospedaletto Lodigiano

This is the small agricultural town of Ospedaletto Lodigiano, where the monastery petitioning the Pope was located. The town’s population today is about 2,000, about half of whom are immigrants from Brazil and not native Italians; it was almost certainly much smaller in the 17th century.

As you can see in this map, the piece of land they wished to sell (represented by the blue dot) was far north of the monastary (represented by the green), on the border with Switzerland (identified here as "della fraggia," which denotes the region, although not the exact location, of the piece of land in question).  Being several days' distance from the monastary, it likely was not practical for the monks to maintain and manage this property - but because the property was donated to the church (being the inheritance of one of the monks) they needed Papal permission to sell it.  

Monastary at Ospedaletto Lodigiano

The abbey of St. Peter in Ospedaletto Lodigiano was the residence of the general of the Hieronymite order, the Hermits of St. Jerome of Lombardy.  The order no longer exists, although at one time it had seventeen houses, but this is the abbey church, built in the 16th century to replace the 12th century original.  It is now the parish church of Sts. Peter and Paul.