One of Seton Hall University’s most distinguished collections, the D’Argenio Collection of Coins and Antiquities, includes coins of ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire and Byzantium as well as a small collection of related artifacts: oil lamps, game pieces, weights and terra cotta figurines.   Donor Ron D’Argenio became interested in ancient coins when taking courses in Greek drama and history as an undergraduate at Fordham University in the 1970’s.  In 2001, he generously donated his collection to Seton Hall University in memory of his father, Rinaldo J. D’Argenio, who served in World War II and was awarded a Bronze Star for his valor.  Ron D’Argenio is a practicing attorney working in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.   The collection is available for study and research by students and scholars. 












 Denarius of Emperor Tiberius –   also known as a Tribute Penny         Silver                                                   14 – 37 C.E.                                         2015.16.0058                                     Gift of Ron D’Argenio