Justinian was considered one of the greatest rulers of the late Roman and Byzantine Empires.  After the fall of the Roman Empire he began campaigns in Africa and Italy to regain territory lost to the Vandals and Goths.  His reunification plans also entailed massive rebuilding projects that included churches, monasteries, forts, reservoirs and bridges.  He also presided over legal reforms which were compiled in the Corpus Juris Civilus, a document that included all Roman laws issued since the time of Emperor Hadrian – many of which inform today’s statutes.  Justinian co-ruled with his wife Theodora.  Many believe Justinian’s greatest achievements were due to her influence.












 Tremissis of Justinian                         Gold                                                 527- 565 C.E.                                         2015.16.0289                                       Gift of Ron D’Argenio