Marcus Claudius Marcellus

Under the Roman Republic, coins were not adopted as quickly as in other regions of the Mediterranean.  The denarius was the predominant coin and remained in circulation for almost 450 years.  Coins of this period often feature images of Roman gods on the front (obverse), to conflate their virtues with those of the rulers.  This coin was most likely issued during the second Punic War when Marcus Claudius Marcellus - a general being groomed to be a caesar – led Roman troops to victory.  Marcellus died of illness before he was able to ascend to leadership. 

This coin features the image of the god Janus, who presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence, war and peace in ancient Roman religion and myth














 Quadrigatus of Janus                 Silver                                                 225 – 212 B.C.E.                 2015.16.0305                                    Gift of Ron D’Argenio