Theatre in the Round Collection

Seton Hall University’s Theatre in the Round is a unique theatre compared to many others in New Jersey. It was built within the Bishop Dougherty Student Center. Based on the design of a classic roman forum the audience surrounds the stage with two entrances on the sides. Although it could seem like a difficult task to perform when your audience surrounds you, former actors from Theatre in the Round have described the experience as a “naturalistic space for acting” where you can have “intimacy with the audience”.

The theatre is run by the College of Communication and The Arts academic theatre program. Before it was known as Theatre in the Round, the program was originally known as the Workshop Theatre, below is one of the early playbills made in 1966 titled "J.B".

Currently, the Communications Department performs four times a year, two times at the Theatre in the Round at the Bishop Dougherty Student Center, which seats 190 people and two more times at the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) near the South Orange train station, which seats 415).