The dedication ceremony for Walsh Library took place as part of the annual University Day ceremonies held on October 1, 1994.  The day began with the passing of designated books along a chain comprised of various members of the University community.  The last volume to pass from the stacks of McLaughlin to the newly installed shelves in Walsh Library was a special silver-plated copy of the Sacramentary Lectionary.  Several hundred guests gathered to celebrate the official opening of this new center of knowledge.

“As Architecture, the library aspires to celebrate its role as repository for the accumulated knowledge and accomplishments of humankind.  As a member of the campus community, the library reflects and enhances the campus, giving form to the ideals and notions of the University as an accessible center of learning and academic investigation.”  (“A Visionary Plan for the New Libraries” - The New Seton Hall University Library, 1994)